IT support and troubleshooting


IT support and troubleshooting, Hands-on IT Support: Troubleshooting and everyday helpdesk and admin tasks.

Course Description

Learn skills that you will need if you want to work as an IT Helpdesk or Administrator. Secure your network, Automate Tasks, be ready for Data Recovery, allow your users to work remotely, solve typical network problems. And sleep well 🙂

This course is based on my 15 years of experience in the IT world. You can be sure that problems that you will find on this course you will also find on your IT route. Of course, there is only one condition you need to work as a Helpdesk or Administrator.

In these jobs, the time is very precious, and you must believe me: “The more knowledge you will gain, the faster you will fix the problem, the less stress you will get”.

Devices used on this course may be different from those that you will face in your company, but their work is similar. On this course, we based on Cisco SG200 Series Smart Switch, Synology NAS and Draytek router models, but for example: Asus, Linksys etc. routers are very similar. NAS devices are also not that different from each other.

Issues related to security are the same. There is a need to block attacked accounts, use strong passwords, give users only those privileges that they need to do their jobs and nothing more. Popular Attacks use similar vectors, and it’s good to know what to do to make hackers’ life a little bit harder.

If you aren’t going to make copies inside your company, that will mean that you are really a “tough girl” or “tough guy”. But if you ever change your mind, you can find some proven methods for backup inside this course.

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