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Investing in Canada : Free preview, This is a free preview . Full course link is available in the content .

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Highly rated course . Over 500 plus paid students enrolled

This course is designed for Canadian Investors and students who want to understand different options available to them.

Course Highlights :

Learn different types of investing accounts that you can open like TFSA , RRSP , RESP , TFSA – Housing account , Non registered account , Margin account

Learn different asset classes and investments you can make like real estate , stocks , bonds , mutual funds , etfs etc

Learn about Phycology of money , Long term investment strategies ,Understanding long term market cycles , Diversifying long term investment etc

Learning from success stories – Everyday people making extra ordinary gains

Identify the habits that are your strengths and weaknesses

Escape self-destructive behavior that demolishes wealth•Control your mindset and daily regimen for making the right moves

Mimic proven strategies used by legendary investors

Protect your investments and retirement money from distracting noise

Unlearn the behavioral patterns that limit your potential

Increase your odds of achieving financial independence

Reprogram your thinking from loser to winner

Instill confidence in your ability to make money in any market climate•Improve your overall investment results

This course follows the investment approach of growth at reasonable price . It focuses on understanding economic news , understanding stock markets , trading process , FABS (Find , Analyze , Buy and Sell process ) , Q2 process (Qualitative and Quantitative  process ) , fundamental analysis and behavioral biases .

This course also has actual examples of stock analysis . In stock analysis we would be discussing concepts of core / satellite portfolio , Valuations ratios – P/E , P/S , P/CF , dividend discount model and Free cash flow based valuations , Gordons growth model , impact of economic data on stocks and non-financial analysis.

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