Introduction To Social Analytics


Introduction To Social Analytics, This course will help you build the basic foundations for later deep-diving into the depths of social listening.

Course Description

This introductory course is for anyone who is looking to get a solid foundation in social listening and how it’s shaping businesses of today. In addition to getting skilled on navigating the features and capabilities of a social listening tool, the course will also share insights on what entails in the life of a social analyst – all the way from objective setting to insights generation

Who Are We?

Founded in 2012, Circus Social is an award-winning social & digital data analytics and big data platform company that specializes in social listening and consumer & market research. Our proprietary social listening platform, 20/Twenty, tracks publicly available information and conversations across the internet on social media sites, public forums, blogs, news sites and more.

We help businesses to make decisions from relevant social media & digital conversations in real time using data visualisations, dashboards and insights reporting. From automotive to travel and everything in between, we work with a diverse range of brands across numerous industries, using social data to help our clients better understand consumers, competitors, brand perception, industry trends, and much more.

Why Academy@CircusSocial?

Internet and Social media usage has grown significantly in the last decade. Despite the proliferation of social media in today’s society,  many people are still relatively uninitiated to the idea of using social data as a valuable source of data to drive business decisions.

Tech savvy organisations have already been using social listening to guide their business strategies and it’s about time that more of the workforce benefit from this valuable skill.  While some may equate social listening to merely a tool which allows you to track digital metrics, there is so much more to what can be done with social listening. Think trend-spotting, brand perception, and consumer insights – actionable insights which differentiates a tool from an enabler. And that is exactly what Circus Social does for our clients.

We provide a platform and design methodologies that dig deep into the data points, complementing social research with a local understanding to come up with data-driven market insights – and with Academy@CircusSocial, you will learn to do the same for yourself or your organisation.

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