Introduction To Problem Solving


Introduction To Problem Solving, In this short course I use 2 problems to illustrate Polya’s 4-step problem solving method.

Course Description

You will see Polya’s 4-step method applied to 2 problems. Both problems use mathematics at about the High School level. The first problem will use some basic geometry and the Pythagorean theorem. The second problem uses some basic counting principles. Both problems use some basic arithmetic and algebra.  Thus this course should be accessible to most people. The Polya 4-step method is basically to (1) UNDERSTAND the problem (2) to PLAN your solution (3) to DO your Plan and (4) to EXAMINE and look back at what you did.
The two problems I will use to illustrate the Polya 4-step method can be called “The Diagonal Problem” and “The Handshake Problem.”
Do you want to be more confident when solving math problems? Then this course is for you!
Do you want to get better at problem solving? Then this course is for you!
Are you stuck on a problem and don’t know where to start? Then start with this course!

With just about 30 minutes of your time you can learn, in this short course, a method that could help you the rest of your life!

If you want to learn more about Polya’s method then I suggest you read “How To Solve It” by G. Polya. The book has over 20 problems where you can practice his 4-step proven method.

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