Introduction to Lean Six Sigma


Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, Operation Improvement; Kaizen; Lean; Type of waste.

Course Description

If it is your first time trying to navigate your way through business improvement, especially in the Lean & Six Sigma arena, let me tell you that you reached your destination.

After exploring the Quality Gurus and their philosophies about quality, the course will help you think out of the box and look at any processes from different perspectives to create better methods to meet your customers’ needs. The course is free to escort you to a high-level journey exploring Lean & Six Sigma, definitions, tools, and differences between them. We will explore what is (MUDA) and how it could be identified in any existing processes. We will explain the Rogers Curve/Product Adoption Curve and to which extent that is applicable in our daily lives and how it could help you classify the team to deliver changes. The Lean Six Sigma as operation improvement methodologies has been procured from various business industries which show excellent outcomes. The following objectives will be met during this course:

– Touch base on the History of Quality

– Try to understand the Lean

– Try to understand the Six Sigma

– Know who are the Key Players within Lean Six Sigma

– When we can apply Lean Six Sigma

There are (2) practices to stimulate your critical thinking by the end of the course.

I hope the course will be an added value to your respected knowledge.

Eager to your constructive feedback to deliver better materials.


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