Introduction to Law of Design


Introduction to Law of Design, Learn law of design in the Indian context.

Course Description

Course Overview: Welcome to “Introduction to Design Law,” an in-depth course designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the field of design law in the Indian context. Whether you are a designer, entrepreneur, or legal professional, this course aims to equip you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate the intricacies of design protection and intellectual property rights (IPRs) in India.

Course Structure: The course is divided into four modules, each focusing on key aspects of design law. The modules are designed to build upon one another, ensuring a logical progression of knowledge and skills. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to learn:

Module 1: Introduction to Design Law

  • Understanding the status of design law in the creative industry
  • Understanding Designs and other forms of IPR
  • Examining the Indian legal framework for design law
  • Looking at the criteria for the protection of a design

Module 2: Registratrability of a Design

  • Differentiate between the meaning of a Design to a Designer and IP lawyer.
  • Case studies on Registrability.
  • Defining Registrable Designs and Articles
  • Nature of Design Rights

Module 3:  Litigation in Design Law

  • Disclosure of Design
  • Analyzing the remedies available to design right holders
  • The Interrelationship between Design and Copyright Law
  • Judicial Perception of an IPR Litigator
  • Who are Luxurious Litigators?

Module 4: Piracy and Procedure

  • Piracy
  • Understanding the key elements of design licensing like:
  • Registration
  • Compliance
  • Enforcement

Course Format: This course employs a combination of lectures, case studies and quizzes to enhance your learning experience. You will have access to a wide range of resources, including downloadable materials, and reference documents, to reinforce your understanding of design law concepts.

Additionally, the course includes real-world examples and practical scenarios to help you apply the knowledge gained to real-life situations.

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, you will:

  1. Understand the fundamental principles and concepts of design law in India.
  2. Be familiar with the process of registering and protecting designs in India.
  3. Identify and respond effectively to design infringement issues.
  4. Gain insights into the commercial aspects of design licensing and exploitation.
  5. Acquire knowledge about international design protection mechanisms.

Who Can Benefit from This Course?

  • Designers and creative professionals seeking to safeguard their intellectual property rights.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to protect and monetize their design assets.
  • Legal professionals, including lawyers and intellectual property practitioners, aiming to specialize in design law.
  • Students and researchers interested in the field of intellectual property and design protection.

Enroll in “Design Law in India: A Comprehensive Guide” today and gain the expertise you need to navigate the complex world of design law and effectively protect your creative endeavors in the Indian legal landscape.

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