Introduction to DevOps


Introduction to DevOps, DevOps course for someone who wants to learn Jenkins​,​ Jira, Dockers, Kubernetes, Nagios, Ansible, Terraform, and more.

Course Description

Do you know DevOps field is one of most high-paid jobs in IT industry?

If you want to start in DevOps then look no further because you have found the perfect course that will provide you everything you need to know to get started with DevOps.  No matter which DevOps tool you are learning, this course is a prerequisite for all your DevOps need.  By thinking from a DevOps perspective, you will be able to build better products for your customer and find solutions to everyday repetitive tasks. You will view DevOps from a business perspective as well as for becoming a DevOps practitioner.

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of DevOps, including its principles, practices, and tools. The course covers the essential concepts of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and deployment automation

Here is what you will learn in this course:


    • What is DevOps​
    • Pre-DevOps challenges​
    • Collaboration of teams​
    • History of DevOps​
    • Benefits ​
    • Importance of DevOps​
    • Drawback of DevOps.​

DevOps Practices or Services

  • Continuous integration (CI)​
  • Continuous delivery (CD)​
  • Situational awareness​
  • Configuration management​
  • Infrastructure as a code​
  • Microservices​
  • Monitoring, logging and feedback​
  • Collaboration

Phases of DevOps Lifecycle

  • Discovery and plan​
  • Code​
  • Build​
  • Test​
  • Release​
  • Deploy​
  • Operate​
  • Monitor

DevOps Tools

  • ServiceNow​
  • Slack and MS Teams​
  • Jira (Jira product discovery and Jira software)​
  • Confluence​
  • Programming languages​
  • Jenkins​
  • Git and GitHub​
  • GitLab and GitHub Co-pilot​
  • Nexus​
  • Docker​
  • Kubernetes​
  • Ansible, puppet and chef​
  • Shell scripting​
  • Terraform​
  • Selenium, Mabl and Xray​
  • Mural​
  • PagerDuty​
  • Splunk​
  • Dyantrace, Datadog, Prometheus​
  • Nagios​
  • System administration

Future of DevOps and Becoming DevOps Engineer

  • Transitioning to DevOps engineer from other roles​
  • Future of DevOps​
  • DevOps job responsibilities​
  • Engaging in DevOps community forums​
  • Resume and interview tips for DevOps engineer

Testimonials from my students:

    • Hello Imran Afzal Sir,

      Thank you for your valuable course. I got a job offer after completion of this course. Thanks again

      Regards, Kshitji Deshmukh

    • Hi Imran,

      Finally, after turning down 4 offers, I have joined UST Global as an Engineer A3.

      I’ve taken your course “Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job” due to which I was able to answer almost all the Linux-based interview questions.  Thank you once again for making this wonderful course.

      Regards, MD Shah Alam

    • Hi Imran,

      Thank you so much for the wonderful course.  It was so clear and precise as a beginner I went through your course and cleared the Linux administrator interview now i got selected.  I am so happy and thanks once again.  I am also now preparing for the Redhat Certification.

      Thanks you once again, I was a complete beginner after going through your course I was able to understand all the topics now I am a Linux Admin

      Thanks, Adrian Joseph

    • Dear Mr. Imran Afzal,

      Thanks you I pass today CompTIA Linux+ Exam

      Best Regards, Ebadi Elia

    • Imran, I just wanted to report that I have found my first Linux job.  I am working as a Linux Systems Administrator with IBM and you played a big part in educating me in order to obtain this position.  Thanks for such a thorough course!  I am looking forward to enrolling in your bash scripting course soon.

      Joel Stroback

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