Intro to Kindle Publishing – A Beginners Guide to Success


Intro to Kindle Publishing – A Beginners Guide to Succes, Kindle 101 – What You Need to Know Before You Start Kindle Publishing.

Course Description

Are you ready to start making money publishing books on Amazon’s Kindle platform?

This is my 100% FREE Kindle Introductory Course.

My name is Jason Bracht and I have over 200 books in the Kindle store right now and have made over 200 thousand dollars publishing simple e-books (that I didn’t write myself) on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I have made really good money with Kindle and continue to make thousands of dollars passively each month without having to do anything. That’s right. My books are like rental properties that bring me residual income each month without having to fix leaky faucets or collect actual rent.

So what

Unlike many “experts” teaching courses I am actually recognized as a thought leader in the publishing industry. A quick Google or Youtube search of my name will confirm this.

I don’t say any of this to impress you. But rather, impress upon you that I legitimately know what I am talking about and that you can be rest assured that you are in good hands by taking this course.

What Will You Learn From Taking This Course?

  • How to Select a Profitable Book Niche (Easily)
  • How to Hire a Great Writer to Kick Start Your Kindle Business
  • How to Get a High Quality E-Book cover designed for Just 5 Dollars
  • How to Publish Your Book on Amazon
  • How to Promote Your Book Using KDP Select
  • BONUS: My Goal Setting System that Grew my Business to Six Figures in Less than a year

What Are The Requirements For This Kindle Course?

  • No requirements. Just a good attitude and the drive to want to make money publishing books on Kindle.

What Can I Expect to Be Able to Do After Completing This Course?

  • You Will Know How to Select a Profitable Niche
  • You Will Know How to Hire a Top Notch Ghost Writer
  • You will Know Where to Get a Beautiful E-book Cover Designed
  • You Will Know How to Upload a Book So It Goes Live in the Kindle Store

Who Is This Course For? 

  • This Course is Designed for Those Who Want to Make Passive Income Online in an Ethical Manner
  • This Course is Not Intended to be a “Complete Guide” but Rather an Introduction to See if Kindle Publishing is Right for You.

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