Intoduction To Digital Forensics


Intoduction To Digital Forensics, Concepts and Hands-on.

Course Description

Introduction To Digital Forensics course will provide the audience with an overview of the concept of digital forensics, its processes, evidence sources and evidence types, investigation types involved in digital forensics investigations which enable learners to:

Understand and explain the concept of digital forensics.

Identify different processes involved in digital forensics investigations.

Recognize the sources and types of digital forensics evidence.

This course also helps learners understand what to do before, during, and after a digital forensics investigation and how to safeguard evidence.

This course will also introduce both hardware and software-based digital forensics tools with emphasis on software tools such as Magnet RAM Capture, Autopsy, NMAP, and Wireshark. An overview of tools will be provided in addition to many hands-on activities to enable learners to:

Install NMAP network scanning tool for free.

Run NAMP from Windows command prompt.

Run NMAP from (GUI).

RUN NMAP from online.

Install Wireshark packet capturing tool for free.

Explore Wireshark software tool.

Analyze Wireshark captured packets.

Add filters to Wireshark to fine tune capturing packets.

Install Autopsy for free.

Install Magnet RAM Capture software tool from Magnet Forensics for free.

Hardware tools needed for digital forensics investigations will also be discussed in this course.

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