INTERVIEW SKILLS Interview better than the other candidates!


INTERVIEW SKILLS Interview better than the other candidates! ACE job interviews! Interview skills? At your next job interview, do this & you’ll stand way above the other candidates.

Course Description

There is a lot of free stuff out there on the internet.  So I recommend you use it.

Things like how to craft a great CV; What the popular questions are, and how to answer them; how to dress for an interview; where to find job vacancies…


So, in this short course, I won’t patronise you with advice like “Dress appropriately; Don’t be late; Don’t chew gum.  I am sure you’ve already got that stuff!


  • I WILL walk you through how to link the whole recruitment process to impress – and even astound your interviewers
  • I won’t tell you how to write a full CV, but I BET there’s something missing on it right now
  • I won’t give you a full script to use at the interview – but I WILL tell you three things you must say
  • I won’t know what they are specifically in YOUR case – but I WILL explain why you should bring certain items with you to the interview
  • And I won’t know the job you’re after – but I WILL give you a simple technique which will be the reason you are almost guaranteed selection or second interview.

None of the information in this course is available on the internet. It is based on my 25 years experience in business, my 15 years as an accredited behavioral psychologist – and countless visits to the interview panel for client companies.

On the rare occasion a candidate has done what I am about to reveal, ALL of them were considered for the next stage of the recruitment process – and four out of five of them became the successful applicant.

If you’re new to the job market, or returning to it after a break, or perhaps you are thinking of changing jobs – and not had an interview for years! Then this course is perfect for you.

The best jobs are the ones that more people go for – so you have potentially larger competition. How you stand out from the crowd will be your challenge.

So I designed this course for people like you… steeped in the psychology of persuasion, these techniques will make your interviewer remember you and put you on the top of the pile – ready for the offer of your DREAM JOB.

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