Integration Key Techniques


Integration Key Techniques, A FREE Practical Course in Key Integration Techniques.

Course Description

This FREE short course supports your first steps into Integral Calculus through core integration techniques. Calculus is the Mathematics of change and used to model and understand many phenomena in the real world – from science and engineering to finance, economics and medicine – it’s difficult to find a field which doesn’t employ Calculus in some way. Although I don’t have space here to teach you everything about Calculus (it’s a huge field!), I hope that by mastering these fundamental skills I’ll make it a little easier for you and perhaps inspire you to go further into this fascinating and important area of Mathematics. It’s usually the case that students will learn differentiation before integration, so if you’re not already familiar with at least some differentiation, you may want to check out my FREE short course on that topic first. Otherwise, just be aware that differentiation will be referred to often in this course as many of the integration rules are based on the reverse process of differentiation.

This Course is For You

I created this FREE course to help you start learning integration through clear instructional videos and relevant practice questions.

There are many reasons why you might want to take this course:

  • As an introduction to Integration
  • As prep for taking a Calculus 2 course
  • To review key Integration techniques
  • To access relevant practice questions
  • To have quick access to Integration notes

Whatever your reason this course will help you build key integration skills quickly and get you ready for the next step on your Calculus journey.

What You’ll Take Away From This Course

Integration is a huge topic with many applications but it can be broken down into a small number of core techniques which, once mastered, can be applied to answer many question types and address many real-world problems. Each instructional video teaches one core technique and mixes a small of amount of theory with example problems. You will then practice what you’ve learnt in the end of section review exercise. I’ve also included step-by-step solutions so you can check your work as you go. Take this course and you will learn:

  • Key integration techniques – the Power Rule and Integration by Parts
  • The Chain Rule which allows you to integrate a wide range of functions
  • A classic Calculus problem – finding the area under a curve
  • An overview of how Integration is applied to solve other problem types

Complete this course and you’ll be making a great start on your Calculus journey!

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