Instructional Design: Build a REAL Course with Me


Instructional Design: Build a REAL Course with Me, Design a REAL course with me as an instructional designer | Get practical instructional design experience.

My CEO requested our Global Learning & Development Team to build a course on anti-harassment.

As an Instructional Design Lead, I designed an effective learning experience that met the organizational goal and drove a high return on investment.

Do you wanna know the exact steps I took and all the instructional design secrets?

In this instructional design course, I will show the exact steps I took as an instructional designer to create the course. So you can have practical course design experience if you are an instructional designer, learning experience designer, or eLearning developer.

You will get all my instructional design secrets. I will share all the secrets as follows:

1. CEO’s course request email

2. Replying to the email

3. Meeting with the CEO and DEI team for needs analysis

4. Analyzing the meeting notes for the exact organizational goal

5. Finding out the exact metrics to measure the effectiveness

6. Creating objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy

7. Creating course outline aligning with the organization’s goals and training objectives

8. Writing course content

9. Designing Prototype

10. Developing in Articulate Storyline

11. Measuring course effectiveness Kirkpatrick’s model

If you’ve been taking a lot of courses but haven’t found one that is truly practical and applicable to real-world problems, then this instructional design course is for you.

In this instructional design course, we will work together to build a course live, using the best of instructional design principles. This means that you will not only learn the theories and principles of instructional design, but you will also have the opportunity to apply them in a hands-on, real-world setting.

In this course, we will cover a range of instructional design topics that are essential to the instructional design process, including needs analysis, objective creation using Bloom’s Taxonomy, creating a course outline, creating scenario-based, engaging content, and evaluating the effectiveness of the course. Whether you are an educator, a trainer, or a professional looking to improve your organization’s learning and development programs, this instructional design course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

What makes this instructional design course stand out is its focus on solving real organizational problems through effective instructional design. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge of an experienced instructional designer to design effective, engaging, and practical courses that solve real problems.

Don’t just take my word for it – sign up for the course and see for yourself how it can benefit your instructional design or eLearning career and the learning and development team at your organization. Don’t wait – register now and start learning how to design effective, engaging, and practical courses that solve real problems. Be the instructional designer who not just creates courses, but also solves real-world business problems through instructional design.

If you are tired of Instructional Design theories and want to learn how to design a course in a real corporate learning & development environment, like a professional instructional designer,


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