Instagram Small Business & Startup Marketing Foundation


Instagram Small Business & Startup Marketing Foundation, A step by step guide to building an account specifically designed for SELLING and avoiding damaging startup mistakes!

Course Description

Marketing a business on Instagram can seem tough:

  • You’ve got no outbound links on posts.
  • There’s no native way for people to share your content.
  • Getting followers seems almost Impossible!
  • And you can’t schedule posts like Facebook or Twitter.

How on earth are people building 6 figure businesses using this platform?!

And where do people find the time in the day to keep up a posting schedule whilst living a life?!

Over the last 2 years I’ve built my own companies and my client’s accounts to hundreds of thousands of $ in revenue using Instagram as a core customer acquisition channel. This course is the step by step blueprint I use when creating any of these accounts from scratch.

It’s true, Instagram is a pretty unique platform and at first it may seem inhibited and impossible to drive sales. But what seems like a lack of features are in fact the reason it is so effective when you know why.

If you’re building a brand profile on Instagram you could be falling into one of the many traps or easy routes out that so many small businesses fall prey to and be well on the way to creating a useless account that’s weighing you down and taking up your time without doing anything for your bottom line.

Selling on Instagram starts with building a strong foundation for your account, if you start of strong it just gets easier and easier.

This course teaches you not only how to build that strong foundation but also how to use Instagram specifically as a business owner to make sales and also how to bend the rules to have Instagram work in your favour.

Enrol now to uncover a trove of free insider info which will get your Instagram account cooking on gas!

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