Information Security and Cryptography


Information Security and Cryptography, Principles of Information Security and Basics of Cryptography.

Course Description

Cryptography and information security are vital areas for safeguarding digital communications and data. In this course you will get basic idea on ensuring the safety of information by reducing potential threats is known as information security. This is achieved by the three main concerns are data availability, integrity, and secrecy, which is often called the CIA triad. In this course initially you will understand the overview of information security polices. In that you will identify how the organizations need to implement security policies to improve security. Then you will understand how the threats and attacks vulnerability. In that you will understand the difference between threat and attack in more detail. Next you will understand regarding services and security mechanisms for messages in more detail.

Then this course highlights the information integrity services in more detail. After understanding all the security concepts this course next you will get into cryptography concepts. In that you will understand to distinguish between cryptography and non cryptography attacks . Then you will understand the substitution techniques and transposition techniques in more detail. Then you will understand various substitution techniques such as Playfair cipher, poly alphabetic cipher etc. Then you will explore regarding double transposition techniques in detail. Further you will explore various security algorithms such as ECC, Diffie Hellman key exchange and PGP techniques.

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