Impact of 5G Technology on Filmmaking


Impact of 5G Technology on Filmmaking, How 5G will re-invent Film Industry & Filmmaking.

Course Description

Filmmaking is combination of art, technique and business. Unlike other art forms of art, films depend more on technology. 5G is going to democratise filmmaking. It will transform location scouting, revolutionise chroma (green screen) shoots, transform motion capture and much more. You can go direct from camera to cloud with high resolution RAW files, and do much more. 5G has the ability to become the post office between the camera and a collaborative, connected creative ecosystem. It will save time, clutter and expenses. Instead of having to setup your game engine (for virtual productions) on set, you can just stream the cameras back to a supercomputer, and the supercomputer sends back the results. You could setup anywhere , with no special equipment.

Topics to be covered in this free online course:

  • What is 5G and different types?
  • Benefits of 5G technology
  • Impact on Pre-production due to 5G
  • Impact on production due to 5G
  • Impact on Post-production due to 5G
  • Impact on Film distribution due to 5G
  • World’s major tech players in 5G
  • How to stay update with new emerging trends in filmmaking

5G is the inflection point where the global wireless mobile network catches up to the rigourous capacity demands of leading-edge filmmaking workflow.

Join this free online course by Gourav Ghosh (FTII), to get technically updated about the big revolution which is coming to filmmaking.

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