Immunology _ know your immune system


Immunology _ know your immune system, IMMUNOLOGY : immunity, classification of immunity , antigen, antibody, and its types ,antigen and antibody reaction,opsi.

Course Description

In this video we are going to discuss about importance of immunology detailed manner. Definition of immunity classification of immunity types like a innate immunity and artificial adaptive immunity and the cells involved in the immune system and types .are going to discuss about the differences between the innate immunity and adaptive immunity and also your going to discuss about the active and passive immunity and its example then we are going to discuss about the major histocompatibility class 1 and class 2 and its similarity and differences and we are going to discuss the b cell activation on the point to discuss the differences between the cell mediated immunity and humoral immunity. You are going to discuss about the types of antibodies ,some differences between the all types of antibodies . Types of antibody and its function in the body and also you are going to discuss about the reactions between the antigen and antibody. Later we are going to discuss about the graft versus host reaction general characteristic of the antigen and antibodies and some of the reactions like precipitation reaction , agglutination, neutralization reaction and also tablet the different steps involved in the identification of the organisms in microbiology .are going to discuss on the complement pathway that is the alternate , classical and lectin pathway but we also going to discuss about this is some more importance of opsonization.

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