Hydro Electric Power Plant


Hydro Electric Power Plant, Power Plant Engineering.

Syllabus points of Hydel Power plant

  • Hydroelectric Power Plant : site selection, classification of HEPP (based on head, nature of load, water quantity), criteria for turbine selection, dams, spillways, surge tank and forebay, advantages and disadvantages of HEPP, hydrograph ,flow duration curve ,mass curve, (Numerical Treatment) environmental impacts of HEPP

    Objectives of the course are :

  • To study layout and Selection Criteria for Hydel power plant
  • To get the knowledge of various components of hydel power plant
  • To study the working principle of Hydel Power Plant.
  • To have basic concepts regarding classification of Hydel Power plant .
  • To study the Pros and Cons of Hydel Power plant
  • To know the importance of Hydrograph, flow duration curves and mass curve and their methods to solve the numericals

    Brief about the course:

  • Said course is a part of Subject Energy Engineering for BE Mechanical Students
  • Already uploaded other courses of subject with different titles.
  • Hydel Power plant is a vital electricity generating plant as a Renewable source.
  • Most of the points of Syllabus are covered in total 5 lectures along with numericals.
  • It is my sincere effort to explain the course with simple language and definitely helpful for final year students and to release some pressure on them.
  • Uploading video lectures along with resource files covering almost all points of the syllabus, for revision purpose.

        Course Outcomes:

  • After completion of Course Learner will be able to
  • Understand the various criteria for selection and layout of Hydel Power Plant.
  • Will be able to understand the working of Hydel Power plant .
  • Will get the idea of classification of Hydel power plants with Pros and Cons .
  • Get knowledge of what is hydrograph, flow curve and mass curves etc and their importance for the Engineers while selection of Hydel Power Plant.

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