HR Processes in India – An Introduction


HR Processes in India – An Introduction, Take a tour of the HR processes in India in less than 100 mins.

Course Description

This course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the learners participating seeking to join HR department of an organization in India. This course provides a detailed overview of all the processes and functions performed by the HR departments in India during an Employee’s life span in an organization.

HR is a crucial department in any business and works on maintaining the most important resource of production, which is labor or human resource. The functions of HR start as early as the need for a human resource is felt and lasts till the time the hired human resource, also known as the employee, exits the organization. The large spectrum of functions of the HR department thus starts from the function of Manpower Planning or Workforce planning, runs through the functions like employee engagements, employee communication management, etc., and ends after the separation of the employee and payment of the full and final settlement.

This course provides a detailed overview of all these functions which are commonly performed by an HR department in an organization working in India. Over and above this, the course also provides details about the functions like Industrial relations which are performed by the HR department in very specific cases and also provides details about the various services provided by the HR department such as issuance of various official letters, assistance with regards to the group Mediclaim policy etc. After completing the course, the learners would also be issued a course completion certificate by the greytHR Academy so as to acknowledgement the accomplishment.

We hope the course results into some value addition in the existing pool of knowledge possessed by the learners of the course and creates a strong foundation for the upcoming parts of the HR processes and domain related courses uploaded by the greytHR academy.

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