HR Fundamentals And Best Practices


HR Fundamentals And Best Practices, Essential Skills For Workforce Planning, Recruitment And The Role Of AI In Human Resources Management.

Course Description

Human resource management is a term that we have all heard, but what does it actually mean? What does an HR team actually do? You’ve come to the correct place if this is a question that has been on your mind.

Any business’s human resources division is essential to how it runs. In fact, this division has the power to create or break a business. We created this HR Fundamentals training for this reason.

Through a series of brief video-based lectures, you will study the concept of HR and the employee life cycle, which entails luring prospective hires, acquiring potential employees, integrating new hires, developing employees, retaining employees and advocating for employees. You will learn the key HR duties including supervision, personnel records, policies, accountability, salary and health and safety. After that, we’ll discuss several popular jobs in the HR sector. We’ll also examine how a company’s size might influence the dynamics of its HR department.

Next, we’ll look at HR best practices, which include information on issues such as job security, hiring methods, salary, training and development, as well as communication and compliance.

After that, we’ll concentrate on how HR has evolved through time and how HR is handled in nations including Sweden, France, Germany, Japan, and Israel. We’ll also talk about how the pandemic and AI have impacted HR and how AI has reduced the difficulty and expense of hiring. You will be given examples of businesses that have excellent HR procedures and learn about the top HR regulatory body’s code of ethics. Professional growth, accountability, moral leadership, fairness and justice, conflicts of interest and information use will all be covered. Lastly, we will explore the relevance of workforce planning, as well as the procedures involved, including demand analysis, supply analysis, gap identification and solution analysis.

Regardless of where you are in your HR career, we are convinced that after taking this course you will have acquired new skills and information and be motivated to make great changes within your company. Enrol now to learn more!

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