How to Win at the SQL Server DBA Interview


How to Win at the SQL Server DBA Interview, A complete guide to passing your SQL Server DBA interview – with 100 questions & answers.


My name is Richard Armstrong-Finnerty and I am a SQL Server DBA who has attended dozens of interviews, both as interviewer & interviewee.

Over the years, I have seen candidates at interview fail and I have seen candidates win.

The winners were those who had great resumes, were well-prepared, had the answers, and were savvy about how the interview process works.

By taking this course, you can be a winner at your next SQL Server DBA interview.

Getting a job is hard. Getting a great job is 10X more difficult.

  • You have to stand out from the crowd
  • You need to be 100% prepared
  • You must know the answers

But what about after you succeed at interview? You want to know how to progress once you have the job.

This course is designed to put you in prime position to succeed in getting your next SQL Server DBA job and continue to win once you have the job.

On this course, you will learn the following:

  • How to write your resume
  • How to improve your resume
  • How to weed out junk jobs
  • How to deal with recruiters
  • How to create your biography
  • How to prepare for interview
  • Being smart with social media
  • Questions to ask at interview
  • How to answer 30 non-technical interview questions
  • How to answer 70 technical interview questions
  • How to negotiate pay increases and promotions
  • How to keep your job

All questions are from real-life, and all answers have been researched thoroughly.

Many answers include helpful diagrams and links to excellent further reading.

I look forward to teaching you all I know about how to win at the SQL Server DBA interview!

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