How to Use Publisher Rocket for Amazon KDP Publishing


How to Use Publisher Rocket for Amazon KDP Publishing, How to Use Publisher Rocket for Keyword & Niche Research, Category Research, Analyze Your Competitors and Amazon Ads.

Course Description

Do you want to find highly profitable niches using Amazon data, obtain highly searched Amazon keywords, or know which category your book should be placed in on Amazon KDP? Then this course on how to use Publisher Rocket will give you the insights to use the tools correctly and extract the right data to make informed decisions.

Publisher Rocket offers up several important search functions that given self-publishers to Amazon KDP the opportunity to extract keywords that otherwise may not be know. Using a user-friendly dashboard, Publisher Rocket makes it easy and simple to conduct keyword research in minutes and not hours.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to search and find keywords for your title, subtitle, and 7 Backend Keyword boxes.
  2. How to Discover Niches and Export Data to support your book development process.
  3. How to use Publisher Rocket to Source Amazon Ad Keywords for Your Campaigns.
  4. How to use Publisher Rocket to Complete Competitor Research.

Publisher Rocket is synonymous in the world of Amazon KDP Publishing, saving self-publishers an incredible amount of research time by tapping into the data of Amazon.

Join Best-Selling author and Founder of Global Self-Publishing Romney Nelson to learn everything you need to know about Publisher Rocket.

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