How to Successfully Apply to Medical School


How to Successfully Apply to Medical School, Created by a Former Medical School Admissions Committee Member, Fellow Non-Traditional Applicant, and Medical Student.

Applying to medical school has never been more challenging! The qualities of academic excellence that have traditionally qualified applicants for a career in medicine are no longer sufficient to get accepted. As a former member of a Medical School Admission Committee (ADCOM), I have come to know that Medical Schools are far more interested in “holistic” candidates whose applications impress beyond traditional academic skill. Medical Schools want well-rounded students with extensive clinical experience, plenty of clinical or experimental research, empathetic tendencies, and the ability to collaboratively work with a multidisciplinary team. The purpose of these features is to ultimately provide better patient-centered care! Due to these dynamic shifts, Medical Schools have introduced new application tools to assess the quality of an applicant beyond traditional academic proficiency (MCAT, GPAs). Some of these components include the incorporation of The CASPER Exam, SNAPSHOT Pre-Interviews, and The DUET Survey. This course will cover all of these principles and give you all the necessary tools to successfully apply to medical school!

I would also like to point out that non-traditional applicants with advanced science degrees have been shown to have the lowest chances of obtaining a medical school acceptance. How could this be? It is impart due to our lack  of structured guidance, awareness of critical application techniques, and the availability of quality (and accountable) resources! Fortunately, this course is designed to serve as that missing link to give you the necessary means to succeed. We will focus on building a strong and “smart” application that will keep you on track and ahead of the competition. Following a step-by-step guide, you will learn how to navigate the modern medical school application process and avoid common, yet costly mistakes. This course will serve as a comprehensive resource to all your application needs!

Content Covered:

  • The Medical School Blueprint (Medical School Statistics, AAMC Account Set-Up, Specialty Considerations, Cost of Medical School, etc.)
  • The Schedule (Undergraduate Years, PY1, PY2, PY3, PY4, Early Decision Program, and General Recommendations to Prepare for the Application Cycle)
  • The MCAT (Structure of the Exam, Scoring, Exam Content, Preparation Schedules, Costs, etc.)
  • The Primary Application – “AMCAS” (Institutional Actions, Course Content, Transcripts, Course Classification, Picking Medical Schools, Work/Activities, Personal Statement Writing, Letters of Recommendation, etc.)
  • The Secondary Application (Pre-Writing Principles, Common Questions to Expect, Resources Available, Costs of Secondary Applications, etc.)
  • Supplemental Application Content (The CASPER Exam, Altus Suite – SNAPSHOT/DUET, SJT, etc.)
  • Osteopathic Medicine Applications (Myths, Residency Data, AACOMAS, etc.)
  • The Medical School Interview (Methods to Succeed, Interview Subtypes – MMI/Traditional/Group, Common Interview Questions, Thank You Letters, etc.)
  • The “Limbo” of the Application Cycle (Pre-Interview and Post-Interview Waitlists, Update Letters, Letters of Intent, APPE Rotation Recommendations, Pharmacy Considerations, etc.)
  • Getting Accepted to Medical School (Accepting Your Acceptance, How to Decide Which School to Attend, How to tackle rejections and move forward, MD/PhD Programs, Caribbean Medical Schools, etc.)
  • And More!

I spent a lot of time creating this resource for you and I am confident you will learn a lot throughout this experience! I want to thank you in advance for your interest in this course, and regardless of your decision to move forward, I want to wish you the best of luck with your ambitions for medicine!

Disclaimer 1: This course is particularly designed to help Pharmacy Students and Graduates successfully navigate the medical school admission process. The features discussed in this course are crafted to specifically aid non-traditional applicants, however traditional students may find significant value in the content discussed!

Disclaimer 2: Despite my best efforts to provide you will all the critical information regarding the medical school admission process, I cannot guarantee that you will get accepted to medical school! This process is extremely complex and nothing is absolute! By purchasing this course, you acknowledge you are responsible for your application outcomes!

I hope you enjoy!

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