How to start learning programming- Guide for beginner coders


How to start learning programming- Guide for beginner coders, Learn how and where to start your programming career.

Course Description

This course was created for those who are thinking about starting a career as a programmer but don’t know where to begin. This course can also be utilized by people who work with development teams but perform other non-technical tasks, such as HR staff or project managers.

The goal is to familiarize the learner with basic concepts in the IT world, such as frontend, backend, framework, library, etc. After watching the course, you should have a better understanding of what these terms mean and how to use them. Additionally, you will learn about the version control system GIT, and at the end, I will introduce you to the concept of best practices in programming.

This is not a course where you’ll learn the details of any programming language. We won’t delve into any details that are not only difficult for beginners to remember but also unnecessary at the beginning of learning. Also could be very discouraging.

I’ve been teaching programming for few years and knowing what students ask about (especially at the beginning) I wanted to gather everything in one place. I’ve noticed that the ability to write code alone is often insufficient when a beginner developer doesn’t know the basics of tools like GIT or tries to do too many things at once.

I hope these video materials will help you have a better start on your journey to becoming a sucessful developer.

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