How to quick create professional videos using Keynote


How to quick create professional videos using Keynote, A unique method to create professional videos with Keynote – even if you have zero design skills.

Course Description

So, you are a digital marketing manager working hard to increase website conversion and generate more leads. You know that a professional video is essential to achieve your goals, but you don’t have enough budget to hire an agency, and you don’t have time to create a professional video yourself.

Until you find this course – How to quick create a professional video using Keynote?

Keynote is easy to use and has gorgeous design elements that make easy for anyone to create beautiful slides. And besides being presentation software, it can also be used to create videos in a fraction of the time would take using a professional video software tool.

And since you don’t want to change your career to become a professional video editor why you would spend hundred of hours learning complex software? With Keynote, you can create a professional video fast and inexpensively.

Besides Keynote there are a few other elements you have to learn to be able to create videos that get people’s attention and lead them to take action. So here is a small insight into what you will learn in this course:

1) Requirements – the necessary hardware and software, many of which are free.

2) Script writing – how to write a great script following a simple recipe.

3) Voice-over – How to record your voice clearly as the TV Network, or if you don’t like your voice, how to hire a voice-over professional very affordably.

4) Storyboard – Why you should create one and how to do it fast, even if you don’t know how to draw.

5) Keynote 80/20 video creation course – Learn the 20% about Keynote you will use 80% of the time when creating a video.

6) Image editing 80/20 course (with free software) – Learn the 20% about image editing that you will use 80% of the time when creating videos. Plus, where to find cheap images and never pay more than U$ 2.00 for an image.

7) Animating in Keynote – Look over my shoulder while I animate tricky shots in Keynote.

8) Video editing with ScreenFlow – Synchronizing the audio with the animation.

9) Sound Design – Give the final touch with music and sound effects, plus where to find free and cheap sounds.

When you finish this course, you will be able to create professional videos in less than two weeks with just a small outlay of money.

I encourage you to watch the free lessons below and judge the quality of this course for yourself.

It has a 30-day money back guaranty, lifetime access and my full support to answer any of your questions.

Thanks for watching and if you decide to join I will see you inside.

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