How to provide social emotional wellness to students?


How to provide social emotional wellness to students? A notion towards excellence!

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The module encapsulates the priority learning for the competition and also the pressure to always be the best can affect a student’s social and emotional well-being. They tend to focus on themselves and do not care about their surroundings.

To have good interpersonal skill is very important. It is the means to survive in the real world. Educational institutions must make sure that the pressure to perform does not harm a child’s interpersonal skill. Mindfulness training will also make the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that regulates emotion more active. As a result, students will become more empathetic, sociable as well as improve their behaviour in school.

Helps Cope With Stress and emotional wellness as a priority.

Stress is not a stranger in our life and it is also very normal for students to experience stress. However, the challenges of modern education system often forces students to experience the kind of stress that can negatively affect their mental health.

It is a sad truth, but like adults a large percentage of students do not know how to deal with their stress. This can prove to be quite dangerous. It can lead to various problems from inability to regulate mood, impaired attention, even physical problems and depression.

School should not only focus on lessons and grades, but also education for life. Our education system should pay attention to the students’ well being too, and mindfulness meditation is one of the best methods to do that. It can teach the students to improve their mindful awareness that can help them cope with stress, improve optimism about life and also improve their performance in school.

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