How to Make a Ping Pong Ball Launcher


How to Make a Ping Pong Ball Launcher, Build a ping pong ball launcher, from scratch, using about eight basic and affordable materials.

Course Description

Have you ever wanted to build something interesting but you don’t know what to build? Or maybe you don’t know how to build or put together something?

This course will solve both of those problems. You’ll learn how to build a ping pong launcher step-by-step and completely from scratch, using basic materials that you buy for under $50.

If you’re interested in mechanical engineering, physics, electronics, and even design, then this course is for you. It’s a great way to dip your toes into building mechanisms and put your academic knowledge into practice!

Even better, you can show that you’ve built something cool to your friends and family—and you can use this device to play ping pong at home or launch the ball around the house for fun.

Here’s what you’ll really enjoy about this course:

  • Learning how to build a fully functional device using different types of materials—this is YOUR device you are designing, building, and testing and we’re just guiding you
  • Learning how different parts of the device function and work together, from motors to batteries to servo testers. As future builders, this is especially important!
  • Seeing how fast and far your balls can go (send me your record speeds and distances–so far the record is 20mph and 20 feet… can yours beat this?!)

It’s a short, quick, and FREE course so dive in now to get started.

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