How to control your entire financial world easily?


How to control your entire financial world easily? Learn an awesome Excel application to manage your finances and insights that will change your attitude towards it.

Course Description

Many people are totally perplexed about their bank accounts and their financial situation. They are at a loss when it comes to their income and expenses, which results in considerable financial losses and mental restlessness.

This course aims to give you a smart but simple tool which solves all of this confusion and will organize your life in a way that you’ll be surprised how you’ve got along without it so far.

Master Your Finances Using My Excel Application.

  •  Building Reports on Income and Expenses for a Specific Period
  •   Analysis of Income and Expenses According to Means of Payment, Supplier or Period
  •   Building a Forecast for a Certain Period
  •   Fraud Detection
  •   Insights for Smart and Simple Management

Start Managing Your Bank Accounts Easily and Wisely

Managing your bank account effectively is not such a scary thing. It doesn’t have to be a complex thing you should lose sleep over it if you think correctly and know how to proceed. This course gives you exactly the tools to be able to control any dollar of your bank account and be calm about it.

True, not everyone is a neat person and there are people who have trouble checking and managing their bank accounts efficiently. This is exactly the purpose of this course. I’ll teach you how with a small, minimal daily investment of time you can easily control your bank account and everything related to it.

Contents and Overview

This course contains 23 lectures and about one hour of content. The course includes lectures and exercises that make the new skills you have learned into practical use immediately.

You will learn how to build the Excel file which is the tool that will manage all your finances. You’ll then learn how to generate reports based on the past which will give you a fascinating and useful information about your income and expenses, such as reports by period, details of all your credit card payments, checks or any means of payment you choose by period, list of outstanding checks and details of your payments, sorted by supplier.

Later in the course, you will learn how to use the tool to build a fairly reliable forecast for the next month or for a certain period. It gives you the ability to prepare in advance for your future financial situation, such as by taking a loan or saving a deposit. This is wise conduct that will save you money or earn you a good investment. In addition, it will give you a peace of mind, because you will know your expected situation, you will respond appropriately and you will not be surprised.

You’ll then learn how to disclose errors or frauds if they occur in your account and, finally, you will learn work procedures and insights into how to work well with the tool to make the best of it.

At the end of the course, you will have an excellent tool with the appropriate knowledge to help you easily control your bank accounts and get the most information to help you make informed financial decisions that will bring you a peace of mind.

You’ll love the tool and will see how simple it is to work with it.

All you need for the course is basic knowledge of Excel, although I explain and illustrate in detail the actions to be done in Excel.

All the needed accounting information is explained by me and you do not need to have prior knowledge of accounting or bookkeeping.

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