How To Build A It Startup From Scratch.


How To Build A It Startup From Scratch., Business models, examples, practical steps you should take, how to validate an idea with MVP technique and more.

Course Description

You’ve always dreamed of setting up your own company but don’t have the money to do it? Have you always wanted to undertake and create technological solutions to help others? You’ve heard of the term startup but you have no idea what it is?

Don’t worry; you’re on the right course. With fun, objective classes and using simple to understand language, I will show you all the details you need to know to know, develop and create your own Startup.

You will find lessons on:

How to validate an idea before the MVP?

Why do ideas fail?

What does IT startup mean?

Characteristics of a startup

Unicorn Startups Vs Camelo Startups

Markets of operation

Business models

Entrepreneurship and Startups

Practical steps you should take

Examples of startups

When and how to use Brainstorming?

How to collect information for validation of your MVP

Startup work environment.

Main particularities of a startup

How do I get an angel investor for my startup?

Investment rounds for startups.

and much more…

Classes that will help you get your idea off the ground and make your dream come true.

Remember that you can answer all your questions through the platform chat. So you will enjoy 100% of the course content.

I’ll see you in chapter one, bye!

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