HomeCode Robotics Starter Kit Lessons


HomeCode Robotics Starter Kit Lessons, Make thinking visible with coding and robotics.

Course Description

There’s massive hype around coding and robotics nowadays but so many services miss the point. Coding and robotics is only useful as far as it makes our children’s thinking visible and helps them to solve problems. That’s what the HomeCode Robotics starter kit is all about. This course is a companion to the kit for you to get up and running using coding and robotics in your classroom or home school environment.

Using guided lessons, learners and teachers will be able to see how the Micro:Bit can be used to solve real world problems.

Where most kits are put together by engineers, this an educator assembled one. There is a big difference!

HomeCode is a coding and robotics education company that uses coding and robotics as a tool to make thinking visible and learning enjoyable.

These lessons take you through problems and how to solve them. From putting a fresh spin on an old game, testing conductivity, using lighting, and creating fruit-based instruments. Yes, it is as fun as it sounds 🙂

Having started on this course you and your learners will be able to take your HomeCode Robotics Kit to even more exciting projects like an automated watering system, communication systems, home automation and generating, capturing and processing real-world data.

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