GRE Quantitative Prep | Master Math Course | 2023 Updated


GRE Quantitative Prep | Master Math Course | 2023 Updated, Calculation tips & shortcuts | GRE Algebra revision | Huge word problems Practice | ETS GRE Practice Tests solved.

Course Description

This course is designed in such a way that it teaches a beginner the very basics of Math and an advanced level student the very expert level questions and concepts. No matter how many years has it been since you did not touch Math, this course will brush up on all concepts that you have forgotten. This is a very long and comprehensive course, a result of years of experience of the instructor. Every topic has been covered from different GRE resources that have left no stone unturned. Because a calculator is a trap, special focus is given to the calculation and shortcut skills so that you get rid of the calculator once and for all. This is a huge video course; you will be all prepared to secure a 165+ on GRE Quantitative after finishing it.

I keep updating this course now and then. When I feel that there are certain topics that should either be added or explained, I promptly address it. Sometimes the update comes after a week and sometimes after a month but I never leave my students unattended.

I also encourage students to keep me posted about things they want me to elaborate on more. Whenever a student asks for explaining something, I add it to the course.

For advanced level students, one full-length ETS test and 4 tailor-made General Tests have been added and fully solved. These tests cover almost every variant of word problems that can exist. ETS Test#2 and General Test#4 are coming soon.

A full section on Quadratics has been included at the end of the course for the very very beginner who has no idea what quadratics are and how they work. This section is not recommended for intermediate or advanced level students.

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