Google Ads Strategy – Google Adwords Training for Beginners


Google Ads Strategy – Google Adwords Training for Beginners, Learn How To Set Up, Optimize, and Scale Google Ads.

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Now known as Google Ads for search, it is an online advertising platform. Here, you can pay Google some amount of money to show your ads on Websites, Google Search Results, YouTube, and inside some apps using keywords. It works on a PPC or Pay Per Click basis; here, you will only pay if a user clicks on your ads. As the name suggests, most ad types on AdWords are textual with a headline and some descriptions with a link to the advertiser’s website.

In a nutshell, it works on a bidding basis. These bids are done on keywords. Meaning, if you want your ad to appear when someone searches for “Buy Laptops,” you will bid some amount, and it will be compared to other advertisers’ bids. If your bid is the most relevant in the competition, your ad will be shown. When the user clicks on your ad, he will be taken to your website, and you will be charged. Now, just to be clear, when deciding what ad to show to a visitor, Google also looks at ad relevancy, user preferences, location, and some other factors, but typically, Bid Amount is a big factor.

Now that we have discussed how Google AdWords works and its uses, it is necessary to understand that it is not the only Ad Platform available on the internet. Bing Ads, Media dot net, etc., are also ad networks that support advertising.

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