GNS3 & VMware Workstation 15 Course


GNS3 & VMware Workstation 15 Course, GNS3 & VMware Workstation Networking.

Course Description

Learn how to configure and setup networking between GNS3 and VMware Workstation to form the basis of your IT lab. This will allow you to connect your virtual machines to multiple virtual networks all within your one computer. You will learn basic networking skills using a Cisco router in GNS 3 as well as how to configure networking within VMware Workstation and your Windows computer. The aim is to replicate a real data center within your computer.

Replicating a real data center in one computer allows you to have your data center without the associated expenses of buying physical equipment such as servers, storage devices, routers, and switches. This will allow you to install multiple virtual machines such as servers to give you the ability to practice and improve your skills while minimizing your costs. The potential for having a virtual lab in your computer is limitless and this course will assist you in getting the core elements setup so you can unleash the potential of your own computer.

Join me as we journey through the required steps to get you up and running with your own virtual data center. I have made this course short and concise in order to ensure that all the required elements are covered for you to follow along.

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