Getting Started with RPA


Getting Started with RPA, An introductory learning track designed for anyone who wants to learn the basics of what RPA is and how it works.

Course Description

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become the fastest-growing software market by reducing costs and increasing productivity with a digital workforce of bots. Jordan explains the basics of RPA – what it is, how it works, benefits and challenges, and examples of it’s use, while also clearing up common misconceptions.

When I first started my RPA journey, I had never even heard of Automation Anywhere. I was pursuing a Computer Science degree after holding positions in various industries such as real estate, food service, and retail. But within three years, I had gone from a Student Intern to consulting for multiple enterprise-level RPA programs, including a Fortune 500 company. In my various roles, I have personally built and maintained over 100 individual bots that have saved over 70,000 hours of labor. I have also developed custom tools that reinforce RPA programs by automating the bot development lifecycle and providing a shared code framework designed for program-wide use.

I founded Afterburner Automation because in the many roles I have held in my RPA career, I’ve noticed that while you may not need a Computer Science degree, it is extremely difficult to succeed in RPA without in-depth, ongoing training and support beyond what is currently available. Whether you are brand new to Automation Anywhere, a long-term developer, or a business analyst or manager, my courses will set you apart as a true RPA guru, resulting in faster bot development, increased program reliability, and higher paying career opportunities. Please feel free to reach out so that I can best help you set yourself apart within the growing RPA industry.

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