Get Paid for Your Expertise | Step-by-Step Business Model


Get Paid for Your Expertise | Step-by-Step Business Model, Getting Expert Mentor to Build Your Online Business Effortlessly at Your Pace – Digitize|Monetize|Market Your Expertise.

Have you been investing a lot of time on your new learnings online from various sources?

But the question is – Are your learnings Converting into Sales & Growing Revenue?

Have you ben able to create your digital products yet?

So, even after attending many Webinars, Courses, Events, Live Masterclasses, Mastermind etc etc etc, etc, are you unable to IMPLEMENT all your Learnings in direction of your growth and is that making you frustrated?

Do you find yourself getting stuck quite often in digital systems setup or lack of results & is that making you indulge in regrets & guilt!

When I was also learning the language of the digital world, everything seemed so interesting to know & learn, but when it came to Implementing, I could not make substantial progress & kept losing my precious time figuring things on my own, still having need for technical help & support all the time and that made me regret some of my past investments in trying to learn to do all by myself (well this is how they promise ?, i could be on my own completely )

Was I trying to save money by learning to do things myself or was I trying to reduce my dependency on others

Whatever the reason, I did not realize that these new learnings are not my core skills and sooner or later, it will become a burden to manage so many things on my own !

Should I focus on content creation, building my community, conversions, sales or should i keep making creatives, write emails, manage FB ads , manage leads etc etc … These things take a lot of productive TIME and also require a deeper understanding to make it work like a PRO!

As a Knowledge Giver, I am like an Architect – who creates, but I ended up doing the job of a labourer, plumber, carpenter, electrician – just because I know how to do that work also.

I did not make the right choice due to lack of awareness and not knowing what needs to be done, I was simply following the instructions given in various high ticket programs.

But what do you think – should an Architect remain an architect and use their creativity to create more


Should they get into implementation roles which other experts execute at much faster pace as they have developed skills & invested time to excel in those roles?

Do you ever wonder – was it a better decision to learn to do all by yourself or would it have been better to put your investments in one time digital setup, solve that big problem once for all and focus on what you do best!

When do you think you will have time to focus on creating content or learning other priority aspects like Sales & conversion strategies, nurturing your existing clients & focussing on innovative ways to Market your Offerings – The Growth Strategies that directly reflects in your Bank Account as Revenue.

I see many knowledge givers have more debits in their accounts than credits

I see many people digressing from their main agenda of creating courses

This is called Prioritizing your tasks in hand!

Let’s face it – if you are not a tech savvy kind, you will get overwhelmed with so many tools that you need to have to leverage the digital marketing world to create your online business – list building tools, autoresponder, automation, Learning Management Systems, Creating Landing Page, Creating Your Website etc etc!

Everyone has limited time & in that time if you choose to learn something new like digital marketing & tools which is ever evolving & has a never ending learning curve, you are simply trading your time & losing out on huge wave of opportunity that exists NOW for the Coaching Industry & also simply increasing your competition with each passing day!

Trust me, in the last 5 years, I have learnt many tools & still I cannot say I know in & out of all the tools that I learnt !

Not just me, I am sure no one can claim that yet! Why?

Something is always changing in technology and you can never be on top of them!

Would you like to dig a little deeper and face the unspoken business truth?


I DON’T HAVE TIME for that, I don’t even enjoy doing it, though I know how to implement it, still I choose not to! Now, this is called an Entrepreneurship Mindset!

What you must do & What you must outsource!

Knowing as much as is necessary for you to finalize your Tech Partners & strategize your Online growth.

I don’t know about other Knowledge Givers but I know for sure my focus is to Transform Lives by Sharing deep Insights & business wisdom that I have received from life to help others grow by getting on the expressway without the need for them to reinvent the wheel so that they can win before they begin.

If you are still reading this, i am assuming you have similar goals too & I invite you to work closely with me as your SEARCH for Your DESIRED Success ENDS with me!

Unlike your typical coaches in the market, I am just an entrepreneur turned speaker who wants to mentor, guide other aspiring entrepreneurs to establish & strategize their online presence, build digital assets and empower you with entrepreneurship hacks, skills, mindset, tools, techniques, shortcuts!

I do believe you have the potential to make it big and I exist to enable your unique business potential with my acquired business acumen having started and scaled 7 diverse entrepreneurial ventures clocking a turnover of 100+ crores in just 14 years into IT consulting, Education, High end Luxury Retailing, franchising across B2B,B2C, IT/Non-IT Businesses handling different kind of products, having different ticket sizes, different types of stakeholders, customers, employees & team dynamics!

From a struggling job seeker to serial entrepreneur my story has been featured in CNBC, Your Story, Livemint,CIO Review & Enterprising Woman & other media!

So, I am on a mission to create I-preneurs (knowledge givers as ONLINE entrepreneurs) by giving them nuts & bolts to turn their expertise into a profitable Business? that impacts both them and their audience.

Do You want to become an i-Preneur like me?

(where I stand for “i”, Insightful, Independent, Internet-lifestyle Entrepreneur)

If you resonate with this, I invite you to CLAIM YOUR Complete Online Program ON HOW TO BUILD YOUR KNOWLEDGE BUSINESS from Scratch without spending a fortune even if you feel tech challenged.

Be an Entrepreneur (meaning stable consistent income) not just a freelancer ( hustling always, random income or no substantial income)

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