Futures Trading For Beginners


Futures Trading For Beginners, Learn To Dominate The Stock Market.

Course Description

This course is designed to give you a fundamental understanding of the E-mini Futures Markets. We will educate you on how the futures work, and give you a beginner’s guide to stock market price action. We will cover important topics like Trading Platforms, Trend Identification, and Fibonacci Retracements. After completing this course you can decide to us futures trading as supplemental income on top of your 9-5 job, and if you really want to escape the 9-5 you can pursue a life as a professional day trader.


Currently taking a break from trading to attend cyber security school to stack up more money to invest. Due to the free nature of this course, I can’t respond to questions or any comments that you leave, but you can connect with me or send me a message on insta at robgenius89.


After 2 years of grinding, I got a cyber security job paying $175,000 per year and I stacked over $100,000 cash in just 11 months. Going to turn pro as a trader in the summer of 2022.

Go to Youtube and type in “Modernized Men” to get the update! Make sure to hit me up family!

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