Fundamentals of DevSecOps : HandsOn Included


Fundamentals of DevSecOps : HandsOn Included, Basics of DevSecOps.

Course Description

The Fundamentals of DevSecOps is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices, and tools involved in integrating security into the software development and operations lifecycle. This course aims to bridge the gap between development, operations, and security teams, enabling organizations to build and deploy secure software products efficiently.

Throughout the course, participants will explore the fundamental concepts of DevSecOps and gain insights into its importance in modern software development. They will learn how to implement security measures at each stage of the software development lifecycle, ensuring that security is considered from the initial design to deployment and beyond.

Target Audience: This course is suitable for software developers, system administrators, operations engineers, security professionals, and anyone involved in the software development and deployment lifecycle. It is beneficial for individuals and organizations aiming to integrate security practices into their DevOps processes and enhance the overall security posture of their software products.

Prerequisites: While there are no strict prerequisites for this course, a basic understanding of software development, DevOps principles, and general security concepts would be beneficial.

Learning: By the end of the DevSecOps Foundations course, participants will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively integrate security practices into their software development and operations processes. They will be equipped with the tools and techniques needed to build secure, resilient, and compliant software systems in today’s dynamic and evolving threat landscape.

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