Fundamentals of Chemical Kinetics


Fundamentals of Chemical Kinetics, Chemical reaction kinetics.

Course Description

The  course on ‘Fundamentals of Chemical Kinetics’ is designed to provide quick understanding about concepts in chemical kinetics. The basic knowledge of chemical kinetics is the foundation for kinetic analysis and reactor design. The course will provide answers to many fundamental questions such as:

1. What is Chemical kinetics?

2. Why we shall study chemical kinetics?

3. Which factors affect rate of reaction?

4. What is rate law expression and why it is to be determined?

5. How temperature affects reaction rate?

Providing answers to above questions is basic objective of the course. The introduction video explains the motivation to enroll for course. The variables and their typical effect on rate of reaction are explained in second component of course. Third component of this course contain the discussion about rate law expression and its application in evaluating progress of reaction with time. Its relevance during the reactor design stage is also discussed. Is is often said that the temperature often accelerates the rate of reaction. The theories which correlate the temperature dependency of rate constant or rate of reactions are also briefly discussed. To summarize this course is designed to enable the learner with quick and good understanding about reaction kinetics fundamentals. For beginners it will provide quick learning experience .

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