French for Beginners


French for Beginners, Introductory-Level French Course.

Course Description

This course is a French class for beginners. Anyone can take this class, there are no previous French skills required. In this class, there will be about 8 modules, each of which will be posted with an optional worksheet or quiz. This class will teach students how to understand important French vocabulary, how to easily read and pronounce French words, how to communicate with Native French speakers, and some fun cultural facts. The first module will cover introductions and greetings, including an introduction from me. The next module explains the 5 accents and their purpose/how to pronounce them and also covers counting. The rest of the modules cover conjugation basics, gender and number (articles), être vs. avoir, conversation basics, and culture. The goal of this course is to provide students with a beginner-level education of French so that they can determine whether or not they want to fully commit to the language. This course also serves as a useful tool for anyone planning to travel to France to teach them how to interact with locals and navigate France. I also strongly recommend all people taking this course to download DuoLingo and to try to practice everyday. This app is extremely helpful in gradually building your French vocabulary.

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