Free UGC Course: How to start Making Money


Free UGC Course: How to start Making Money, Beginners UGC course.

Course Description

Hi everyone, my name is Jaelyn! I’m one of the top UGC creators on Fiverr. In this course you will learn about UGC, everything you need to know to get started, and how to land UGC clients to start making money.

This course is especially useful for people who are just getting started, and need a quick and complete guide of the whole process. From understanding what user generated content is, all the way to how to record, get clients, and issue invoices.

I’m going to teach you all the basics that I have learned over the past years. During the course there’s tons of examples that I go through and review, so that you get a much better grasp of what makes a good piece of content and a good creator.

Please note that I am a fast talker, so if you need to read the contents of the slides and so on in more detail feel free to pause the course. I tried my best to make it fast pace and engaging, so you might have to pause and replay some things to read between the lines.

I hope you enjoy the course, I put a lot of effort into it. All feedback is appreciated!

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