Four Steps To Start Your Creative Project


Four Steps To Start Your Creative Project, And Get It Finished.

Course Description

Do you have a creative project hibernating inside of you that’s struggling to come out of its cosy den?

That’s very natural. It’s also very natural to get support to help it out. We’re all individual, with something important to say, and the world needs as many voices expressing themselves as possible in a variety of creative ways.

This four-part video series helps you set up a creative project or projects. You can start it at anytime and it applies for any project type, length and in any discipline.

In each video I’ll guide you through an exercise to help you get clear on what you would like to work on and put a plan of action in place to make it happen. This is the process I went through to start a solo theatre show, which I successfully wrote, produced and performed.

Watch the videos to kick-start a project in any discipline and come up with a plan to help you finish your idea.

If you’re not yet sure what you’d like to create – we’ll cover that in the course and then put in practical steps to start and finish the project.

Whether you’re creating for yourself, to share with your local community and / or to share it more widely with the view to monetize your creations – enrol today and let’s start creating.

Have fun devising a plan to add a splash of creativity to your life on a regular basis! You deserve to have fun, embracing the unique, creative YOU!

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