Fake Security – App Sec Myths People Believe


Fake Security – App Sec Myths People Believe, Let’s get started debunking a few application security myths that we shouldn’t believe…

When facing the pressures of scope, budget, and schedule…some application security myths have developed.

There are few things we know about application development and producing system that are secure in the way that they are deployed, operated, and maintained.

We know that:  Writing code is easy…but writing good code is hard

We know that:  Adding security is easy…but finding the right balance between usability, effectiveness, and maintainability is hard

We are always trying to find that balance in development and security…

This course is an examination of a just a few myths that result in Fake Security. They contribute to a false sense of security and can sometimes leave your application easily vulnerable to attack.

We’ve tried to keep the lecture short and concise, giving you enough information to start evaluating your own applications and systems.  While the topics covered here can get really deep…very quickly, we’ve tried to keep it at a high level.  This with the hopes that we can reach a broad audience and bring value to managers, project leaders, and developers of all skill levels.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • The Purpose of the OWASP Top Ten List
  • Avoiding Security Through Obscurity
  • Security Responsibilities in the Cloud
  • API Security
  • And more…

Who is this course for:

  • managers
  • project leaders
  • product owners
  • developers of all skill levels

Let’s get started debunking a few myths that we shouldn’t believe…

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