Essential Telephone Skills and Techniques


Essential Telephone Skills and Techniques, Learn how to handle callers with warmth and style, even the difficult ones!

In business and in leisure, we are all expected to deal with other people over the phone.  When we aren’t having an ‘in person’ conversation, and we aren’t getting eye contact, it’s easy to forget some of the simple etiquettes which is important for a positive exchange.  In fact, if the only part of your communication is verbal, it’s sometimes the case that we misinterpret information, we feel irritated at the miscommunication, we get distracted by other factors in the vicinity, and misheard words and instructions.

This can lead to poorly handled conversations.  In professional terms, this could translate to missed business, unhappy customers, lost sales, wasted opportunities for sales, badly handled messages being taken, incorrect spellings….  and I could go on.

Not to mention the bad temper, feelings of frustration and eventual low review of your business or company if we get the call-handling wrong.

So in my course Essential Telephone Skills and Techniques, I’ll be covering some first class telephone etiquette, using my super-successful verbal formula for handling difficult customers, and giving you a step-by-step process to accomplish this.

I’ve uploaded examples of telephone Do’s and Don’ts, which you can print out and leave nearby as a memory-jogger, for when those particular moments try to catch you out.

You’ll come away from the course with a clear picture of how you can work so positively on your telephone skills.

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