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Essay writing for excellence, Essay structure.

Course Description

The transition from high school to college with the shock of what is expected of writing standards. Organizing ideas in college writing requires adherence to conventional rules that are acceptable within the academic community. This course trains you to write essays that meet writing standards for effective communication.

The primary focus of this course is on the structure and organization of an essay. Professors and instructors have expectations in terms of the structure and organization of essays at higher learning institutions. This course prepares you to write essays that exceed the expectations of professors.

The course has videos explaining the important aspects of writing effective essays that will earn you good scores. Learning through examples is the most effective way to learn academic writing. This is what this course provides. For instance, if you have difficulty starting an essay with a hook, this course shows you an example and how you can improve on it. If you have difficulty crafting a strong thesis statement, then this is the course you need to meet what professors are looking for in their assessments.

The structure of this course is that you can explore the lectures and attempt the practice questions to improve your learning. Each lecture has clear objectives that you will achieve at the end of the lesson. This will also help you to assess your level of learning.


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