Equilibrium: Somatic Regulation for Stress & Anxiety


Equilibrium: Somatic Regulation for Stress & Anxiety, The only Somatic Regulation Toolbox for Stress/Anxiety and Success.

Course Description

In this video series, you will find the tools for emotional first aid, self care/self compassion practise, physical relaxation, general wellbeing morning practises and find the tools that work for you physically and emotionally to fit into your routine for lasting benefits.

This course suits people that are already on the self-improvement journey, specifically those that understand the bottom-up approach to mental health and wellbeing (a foundation of physical health and taking care of basic needs will generate a somatic sense of positive mental health. Essentially, regulating the body, regulates the mind.)

By developing a self care practise (morning or night, whatever suits your schedule to realistically remain consistent) with foundational somatic wellbeing in place, we can become more actualised to be the fulfilled version of ourselves; instead of living a stressful life, putting out fires and chasing our tails, socially, financially and emotionally.

Practises include:

  • Yoga
  • Qigong
  • Breathwork
  • Progressive relaxation (yoga nidra)
  • TRE (trauma release exercise)
  • Kemetic Yoga (egyptian)
  • EFT tapping (meridians)

Regardless of people’s experience and level of self care/self regulation experience, some or all of these techniques will be of benefit to anymore and everyone.

Pick your favourite and continue learning about this style, or save the video to your phone or desktop for regular practise.

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