Effective Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills


Effective Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills, Improve your strategic thinking skills, raise your strategic contribution, and progress in your careers.

Course Description

Being strategic is often touted as one of the most important leadership skills for executives and managers. People who think strategically can add more value to their organisations and are noticed by their bosses and peers. So developing this skill is important for your career advancement. But for some strategic thinking is an abstract or some big thought while others don’t know which resources to look for if they want to work on being a better strategic thinker.

My course aims to help you, executives and managers, who want to be better at strategic thinking. This course will outline some specific actions you can take to be more strategic in your roles. Particularly, I will talk about how you can:

· Anticipate situations that can influence the businesses you are in and plan how to respond to these situations.

· Question your own and other’s assumption using proven tools and techniques.

· Take fast and better decisions by navigating critical factors that affect decision-making.

The content of this course has been developed based on my practical experience of over 15 years in forming and executing strategies in multiple organisations; as well as theoretical lessons I’ve learnt during my formal qualifications, reading various publications and attending seminars, workshops, etc.

This course will become your handy resource if you want to improve your strategic thinking prowess and thereby boost your chances of strategic impact and career progression.

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