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Effective And Efficient Emails, Effective And Efficient Email | Short And Sweet | Email And Cultural Norms | Convincing Email | Great Email Impression.

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Email communication is one of the main communication methods these days. In a given week, we spend hours on it. Does this apply to you as well? Well, multiply these hours by the 52 weeks in a year. You might be surprised how much time per year is spent on emails. Well, let’s use that time wisely. Let’s reduce it. What we are going to teach you in this training is the following:

  • Spend less time writing and reading emails. This saves any organization money, serious money.
  • Write emails to get what you want from your colleagues, managers or customers.
  • Make a great impression with your emails. Great impressions open many doors and poor ones close them.
  • Write correct emails that take cultural norms into consideration.


This course is concise. We are teaching you to be efficient and shall be efficient ourselves. But although the course is concise in terms of video content, we offer many exercise options. This course is taught by university lecturers with years of practical experience dealing with organizations of various sizes, both inside and outside Holland. Your main trainer is Mrs. drs. P. Scheepers, who is a lecturer with a specialty in communication and marketing. She has years of experience with teaching professionals in companies as well as teaching various undergraduate programs.


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