Ecommerce Websites with WordPress and Woocommerce


Ecommerce Websites with WordPress and Woocommerce, Build Your eCommerce Store using WordPress and Woocommerce. Develop Theme to Integrate your Own Design, Setup Payments.

Course Description

It is an Intermediate Level Course don’t Enroll if You are a beginner. We don’t teach you to code HTML/CSS. The course is designed to Make you Enough Skilled to Build an Ecommerce Site in WordPress using Woocommerce using Code Ready ( HTML/CSS )

In this course, we’re going to Learn What is WordPress? What is Woocommerce and How we can Use this Awesome Plugin to Build Professional Online Stores? We’ll start off with WordPress Basics and Install and Setup Woocommerce, then we’ll move on to the Adding Products, Setup Coupon Codes, and Payment Options. After that, we’ll move to the Exciting part where we’ll develop our front-end website. We start off with Basic Theme Development and then move on to the Advanced Woocommerce Theming where We’ll Cover all Woocommerce Pages. You’ll learn how to Build Your Own Woocommerce Theme by Using and Modifying its Core Templates instead of Using Pre-made Woocommerce Themes like Mystile or Storefront Themes. In the end, we’ll install and Use a Few Great Plugins which take our Store to the Next Level.

= Download and Install WordPress

= Install Wooocommerce Plugin

= Setup Ecommerce Pages

= Use of Starter WordPress Theme ( underscores )

= WordPress Theme Development

= Woocommerce Theme Development

= Override Woocommerce Core Templates

= Override Woocommerce Styles

= Modify Woocommerce Core Files

= Modify Woocommerce Styles

= Setup Woocomerce Account Pages

= Setup Woocomerce Payment Methods

= Install Great Plugins

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