Dynamics of Machinery


Dynamics of Machinery, Vibrations.

Course Description

The dynamics of Machinery play a very vital role in industry and the daily used appliances. Dynamics of Machinery deals with the study of machines or systems when they are in motion. When there is the motion of dynamic conditions it leads to the introduction of inertia forces in the system which is the cause of Vibrations. Also, the nonuniform distribution of weights or non-homogeneous distribution of material leads to the generation of unbalance in the system. This unbalance again generates the vibration in the system. Hence, studying this course will expose students to the principles of balancing and balancing machines. The course also describes the fundamental concepts in mechanical vibrations for the systems like – free undamped vibration for single-degree and two-degree freedom systems, free damped and forced damped systems. Students will be able to classify and identify the types of balancing and Vibrations based on elements in the system. Students will also learn vibration and noise measurement techniques.  This course will provide the knowledge of parameters to be considered for condition monitoring of machines. At the end of this course, students would be in a position to apply the skills related to balancing and vibrations.

Prerequisite: Strength of Materials, Engineering Mechanics, Engg. Mathematics and Numerical Methods

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