Disruptive Thinking For World-Changing Innovative Ideas


Disruptive Thinking For World-Changing Innovative Ideas, Combine incremental growth, creativity for innovation, and see which innovation can lead to market disruption!

Course Description

Wn big by learning to think creatively and disruptively so that product or feature ideas will not only transform your business, but your entire industry of which you’ll end up on top!


Every company needs incremental growth to steadily improve every day. If you don’t focus on improving what’s currently keeping your business operating, competitors might jump over you.

Of course, you can’t focus on incremental growth alone. You must also focus on being creative, becoming a visionary in your field, and constantly working on innovating in your industry.

Most innovation and experimentation tends to fail, and that’s fine because the one time it will work, it will help you revolutionize your industry, and turn into the industry leader.


It’s not enough to just have a great business idea. You must also work on that idea to bring it to life. In this course, we’ll go over a number of examples of companies where disruption was just as much in the great and innovative business idea as it was the effort of the entrepreneur to bring that idea to life.


Doing something new can feel scary and frustrating, but failure means you are just one step closer to success. While you can’t make experimentation your only focus, as long as you manage risks, you’ll be able to keep experimenting, and eventually hit on a big and disruptive idea.


  • Embrace failure
  • Look for ideas that challenge convention
  • Ask “how can I make this happen”
  • Don’t be afraid of outrageous ideas
  • Learn to experiment creatively
  • Embrace technological innovations

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