Design Form Studies Master Class TM


Design Form Studies Master Class TM, With Case Study FISKAR and SONY Phones and Case Method.

About the Master Class:

This course is about the Form design and the step by step process of creating and conceptualising of a brochure from design to realtime printing through a real time case study.

In particular, the case study is the travel experience which was asked to communicate the whole journey so it was fun as well as learning and I documented it and made a design learning based on the outcomes of this project.

Design philosophy:

As I used to say in my design courses, that design cannot be learned in the rot learning way or Text book learning way that you learn through a chapter and remember some formulas that will yield you some solutions. Design is unique and when different people approach the same we will get different solutions based on the inputs that designer works on.

So design can be approached in the way of learning through the case studies and by doing action on your own to learn yourself.

Learning by doing and learning by action.

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. Complete breakdown and Study of form language of Product of Fiskars like knife, hammer, axe, scissor, garden pruner and Sony, iPhone, apple watch
  2. How form can be married with functionality showing realtime case study examples of fisher hammer and axe in detail
  3. How certain attributes of form like curves, functional groves and depths can Create a brand identity so that people can start seeing that language in each of that products.
  4. Form should mingle with functional else it becomes wasted simply
  5. Realtime demonstration of a feature like hammer and scissors handle how its functional soft and comfort to hold and also same time colour and aesthetic to attract the eyes
  6. With the dust separating form in the fiscal axe how big functional meaning can be conveyed and designed with the form. Classical example of form design.
  7. With the radii manipulation of phone design and watch design how certain brands are creating their niche and aesthetic beauty.

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